All the publications listed in this page are from ISWP.

ISWP Wheelchair Educators’ Package 

  1. Kamalkannan et al, “Wheelchair service provision education for healthcare professional students, healthcare personnel and educators across low- to high-resourced settings: a scoping review protocol“. (Published December 2020).

ISWP Special Issue, African Journal of Disability 

  1. Fung et al, “Wheelchair service provision education in academia”
  2. Kamaraj et al, “A conceptual framework to assess effectiveness in wheelchair provision”
  3. Mhatre et al, “Developing product quality standards for wheelchairs used in less-resourced environments”
  4. Mhatre et al, “Development of wheelchair caster testing equipment and preliminary testing of caster models”
  5. Munera et al, “Development and evaluation of a wheelchair service provision training of trainers programme”
  6. Pearlman, J. & Cooper, R., Editorial

Other Publications

      1. Gartz et al,”Development of a contextually appropriate, reliable and valid basic Wheelchair Service Provision Test”
      2. Miles et al, “Mentoring for Competency and Skills Development in Wheelchair Services”.
      3. Burrola-Méndez et al,”Development and Implementation of a Hybrid Wheelchair Workshop for Clinicians in International Settings”.
      4. Mary Goldberg et al,”The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP): A resource aiming to improve wheelchair service worldwide”.
      5. Burrola-Méndez et al,”Implementation of the hybrid course on basic wheelchair service provision for Colombian wheelchair service providers”.
      6. Mhatre et al,”Development, reliability and piloting of a wheelchair caster failure inspection tool (C-FIT)”. (Published: February 2019)
      7. Gowran et al,” Developing country-specific wheelchair service provision strategic plans for Romania and the Philippines” .(Published March 2019)
      8. Fung et al, “Integration of wheelchair service provision education: current situation, facilitators and barriers for academic rehabilitation programs worldwide”. (Published April 2019)
      9. Burrola-Méndez et al,”Comparing the effectiveness of a hybrid and in-person courses of wheelchair service provision knowledge: A controlled quasi-experimental study in India and Mexico”. (Published May 2019)
      10. Toro-Hernandez et al, “Undergraduate physiotherapy students’ basic wheelchair provision knowledge: a pilot study in two universities in Colombia”. (Published May 2019)
      11. Rushton et al, “Development of a toolkit for educators of the wheelchair service provision process: the Seating and Mobility Academic Resource Toolkit (SMART)”. (Published February 2020)
      12. Toro-Hernández et al, “Final Year Students’ Knowledge on Basic Manual Wheelchair Provision: The State of Occupational Therapy Programs in Colombia”. (Published April 2020)
      13. Ardianuari et al, “Development, validation and feasibility study of a remote basic skills assessment for wheelchair service providers“. (Published July 2020)
      14. Toro-Hernández et al, “Preliminary steps of the development of a Minimum Uniform Dataset applicable to the international wheelchair sector”(Published September 2020)
      15. Ott et al, “Evaluation of rolling resistance in manual wheelchair wheels and casters using drum-based testing”. (Published September 2020)
      16. Simpson et al, “Semi-structured interviews on disability and emergency preparedness for people with disabilities in two states in Mexico”. (Published January 2021)