Wheelchair Skills Program

Wheelchair Skills Program

Organization Type: University

The Wheelchair Skills Program (WSP) at Dalhousie University, affiliated with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, has developed a set of low-tech, high impact protocols for the assessment and training of wheelchair skills, the Wheelchair Skills Test (WST) and Wheelchair Skills Training Program (WSTP) respectively. These evidence-based materials are freely available online. The website materials have been accessed by users in 185 countries around the world. The WSP Team members are involved in clinical care, education and research in the area of wheelchair provision.

  • Our website has been accessed by website users from 182 countries around the world. The website statistics can be seen at
  • http://www.wheelchairskillsprogram.ca/eng/webstats.php. In addition, the WSP Team members provide in-country training by invitation.

Testing Center 2

Address: 6425 Penn Ave, Suite 401
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: +(1) 123-123-1234
Hours: Monday-Friday
9am-5pm (EST)
Available Testing:

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Testing Center 4

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