Organization Type: Non-profit Organisation

Mobility India (MI) established in Bangalore, as a Registered Society, in 1994 has been a progressive force in the disability, development and rehabilitation sector.

MI’s vision of an empowered and inclusive community, points to a future in which there is greater equity and neglected sections specifically people with disabilities, elderly population and other disadvantaged groups are part of the development process. MI aims to achieve this through comprehensive healthcare, education, livelihood and social services especially for poor, particularly children, women and older people living in urban slums and rural areas.

MI provides Rehabilitation services in unreached areas, developing human resource to provide Prosthetics, Orthotics, Wheelchairs, Rehabilitation Therapy, Community Based Rehabilitation and Accessibility. Apart from these, the other key activities include Development & Promotion of Appropriate Technology at an affordable cost, assisting in poverty reduction programmes and access to education, healthcare, livelihood, sanitation and housing through Community Based Inclusive Development programs and Capacity Building & Partnership with Grassroot organisations.

MI’s Rehabilitation, Research & Training Centre at Bangalore, is a model for accessibility and disability-friendliness established in 2002 and spearheads all the activities at Bangalore. The Inclusive Development Centre , Guwahati established in 2015 , is working towards Community Based Inclusive development programs. MI has the field offices for the community projects across urban slums in Bangalore, Jigani, Anekal Taluk, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka.

MI’s reach over the last twenty four years has been in South, East, North-Eastern States of India and middle income countries.

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