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ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification – Basic Level

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Background: ISWP’s Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) certification acknowledges that providers have appropriate wheelchair service provision knowledge at the basic level and have received appropriate training, both which are valuable to employers and wheelchair users. Certified providers are acknowledged as a Certified Wheelchair Service Providers for 2 years on ISWP’s Wheelchair International Network (WIN).

Intended Users: This certification is intended for all clinicians, technicians, students and community workers who are partly or fully involved in the wheelchair service provision. 

Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification Eligibility Requirements
  • Please take this shorty survey to determine your eligibility to pursue the Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification

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Please contact ISWP Reseach and Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] for questions.

To complete
  • STEP 1:  Pass the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Knowledge Test

Take the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Knowledge Test

You need to score 70% and above to be eligible to proceed with the next steps. If you have already passed this step then please proceed to step 2.

  • STEP 2:  Complete an online training module in Ethics and Professionalism course

Take the ISWP Ethics and Professionalism Course

  • STEP 3: Pass the Ethics and Professionalism Test

Please read and consent to the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification Ethical Standards of Practice.

Take the ISWP Ethics and Professionalism Test

  • STEP 4:  Upload supporting documents

Please review the list of submitting supporting documents including letter from the supervisor. If you have any questions, please email Krithika Kandavel at [email protected]

Upload Supporting Documents 

  • STEP 5:  Pay the required fees

Once you complete steps 1 to 4, you will receive an email from ISWP confirming that you completed the process and including instructions on how to pay the required fees. If you haven’t heard in 2-3 business days then please email Krithika Kandavel at [email protected]

Process for Recertification for the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification
  • Completion of a recertification application

Eligible to submit application for re-certfication every 2 years. ISWP to evaluate whether individual applying to re-certification meets the education and practice requirements.

Professional development:  Complete 10 hours of continuing education over a two year period (At least 4 hours in a given year) These activities are permitted, and may be combined to meet the requirement, click here for more information in English and click here for more information in Spanish.

Process for Appeal
  • Submit appeal application

Appeal must be submitted to ISWP in writing within 14 days after the result confirmation date. The appeal must include a detailed written explanation that specifically states the reason(s) for the appeal, and why the appeal should be granted. Failing the examination alone is not sufficient grounds for an appeal. Please send your appeal to Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] The Professional Standards Board (PSB) will assemble an Appeal panel of three PSB members who will review the appeal and the exam results and then issue a decision about the candidate’s score. Within two months of receiving the appeal letter, ISWP will provide a response to the candidate regarding the outcome of the appeal.