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    Think about positive learning experiences you have had and write down in what way the experiences were positive.

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    Karma Phuentsho

    In any teaching learning sessions, active listening, interacting and asking questions, and practically doing the tasks have had positively affected by learning capability. Lectures and presentations that are short and invited discussions keep me awake and active.

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    Yasmin Garcia

    I learn by reading and making diagrams, pictures, or even writing. I have difficulty paying attention to long talks. I get distracted very easily.
    Participating in group or individual activities works great to apply what I have read or heard.

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    Joseph Tell

    Having participants engaging in the material was instrumental in the process and frequently changing from listening to answering and participating.

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    I found hands on or practical learning to be the best method whenever possible. Having Wheelchairs or other relevant visual aids and me as a trainer interacting with the visual aid while delivering the information and then having the participants interact with the visual aid to follow suit makes the session a hands on learning experience. This has been exspecially true for the target group of south east asian technitions and western volunteers which has been one of my responsibilities in the wheelchair project

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    Although I am primarily an auditory learner, I find that taking notes helps me “cement” the ideas in my mind. Truthfully, it helps as a memory aid later too!

    Then, I absolutely agree with the others above. Being able to practically apply that knowledge immediately makes me both understand better, and retain the information longer.

    When teaching, I try to address all kinds of learners, and try to recognize those who need to move about, or process verbally to understand information.

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    That pool side plastic chair is a good idea if you can stand to transfer. It would be difficult to do a side slide or transfer board transfer with arms. We have been working with the acessibility manager to have the grab bars behind the shower seats removed. We were a little disapointed when we got on the oasis and they were on there. I bring my own nut driver and screw driver and remove them and put them back on before I leave and he bought one of those shower seats for me There is adequate room without that bar and it serves no purpose. If you run into that problem call the desk and try to have it removed if they do it put it on your evaluation card. If they don’t put a complaint in writing. I know they read every one. We will be on the Jewel Sat. and I know they have been done.

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    Thanks for that link!

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