An Advisory Board comprised of an experienced crosssection of wheelchair clinicians, research scientists, humanitarian organizations and manufacturers provides direction and counsel for ISWP’s programs.

Name Organization
Sue Eitel Eitel Global
Lee Kirby Dalhousie University
Jess Markt ICRC
Eliana Ferretti UNIFESP
Simon Hall Central Remedial Clinic
Jongbae Kim Yonsei University
Xavier Lemire Humanity & Inclusion
Chris Lewis American Wheelchair Mission
Hisaichi Ohnabe Niigata University of Health and Welfare (Prof. Emeritus)
David Murphy UCP Wheels for Humanity
Arturo Pichardo Teleton
Tom Rolick Consultant
Tamsin Langford Consultant
Elsje Scheffler DARE Consult
Don Schoendorfer Free Wheelchair Mission
Urs Schneider Fraunhofer
Mark Sullivan Consultant
Eric Wunderlich Latter-day Saints Charities
Ex officio
Michael Allen USAID
Chapal Khasnabis WHO
Jamie Noon Consultant
Claude Tardif ISPO